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    • John Ramos Avatar
      John Ramos
      6/27/2020 - Google

      I make this comment based on my work in Administration and Exec Assist/Sales and Marketing Support over the past 18 years and one can always see the difference. Should you ever require administrative support within your business please let me know, as it would be a pleasure to work with such genuine professionals as yourselves.

      Jonathan Ah-hoe Avatar
      Jonathan Ah-hoe
      5/25/2020 - Google

      I had just brought my1st investment property in nambour queensland in march 2020 n i live in sydney nsw n had the seller rent it out till she could find a property 3weeks ago she found a place i was very worried now especially with the covid19 impact on property and the lockdowns that came with it now all that was going through my mind was two mortgages how can i pay two mortgages and for how long so i quickly checked up property management and who they are n how they can help i had very little knowledge of this whole process it is not just the knowledge but who to place my trust in so i searched on the net for some info to help benefit me by seaching up What questions should be a must to put to these real estate agents i had a ph call from two agencies then from asset agents in palmwoods sunshine coast i had apoken to both agencies n told them i would get bak to them they did sound very convincing but more for themselves then asset rang i did not hve to ask the questions that i had ready for them cause i didnt get a chnce to they already had them answered which was like a relief on my part n right then n there i felt a trust especially knowing they are a family business so i took them on
      i spoke to a man by the name of byron when you are new at this u try ask the right questions u try act like u knw wot ur talking about so u do not get played on or ripped off by any1 but i knw this man read right through me he sent me so much info on what property management is how they operate how they should be operating where to look what to look for which was all information to benefit me Wow what an eye opener just by his help i hve learnt so much in such a short time now i feel like i can ask the dumbest questions n maybe get a dumb answer but i definitely knw it is the right answer there is no sugarcoating just straight up this agency is here to help n get the best out of my investmnt always calls bak n giving updates within 2 weeks i hve had tenants moved in n paid up to 3month i hve built a relationship with byron i feel that he is also a friend n not just a property manager me n my wife are extremely pleased so far with all the help they hve done to bring us a better understanding placing tenants in the house n keeping to there promises very trust worthy i would recommend them to a any1 out there looking for a property manager thank you asset
      Yours trully jon

    • Sarah Lancatser Avatar
      Sarah Lancatser
      1/28/2020 - Google

      Best Real Estate on the coast. Byron, Kath and the Asset Agents team are so helpful. I recently started renting my home through Asset Agents and it has been the best experience. They are always willing to help out and have such fast and friendly customer service. I cannot recommend them enough. 10/10 agents.

      Joel Wilson Avatar
      Joel Wilson
      1/23/2020 - Google

      Friendly, efficient and highly professional staff. I would recommend Asset Agents for renters and buyers/sellers alike.

    • Amanda Sebasio-Ong Avatar
      Amanda Sebasio-Ong
      1/05/2020 - Google

      I recently moved out of a beautiful home managed by Asset Agents, in Palmwoods. During my 18 month stay at this property, I found Asset Agents to be, not only professional, but also personable and friendly. Their approach very much reflected the community spirit I found in this lovely suburb.
      They cared about any concerns or issues around property maintenance and were more than prompt to address any issues that arose. I want to particularly thank Kath Miller, who is a rare gem in this industry. Her level of care for us as tenants surpassed any I have experienced in the past - and I have been fortunate to have wonderful property managers in the past.
      I am more than grateful to her for her professional and caring customer service. It was exemplary!
      Thank you Kath and to your amazing team. I would highly recommend Asset Agents Palmwoods any time.

      Prue MacRae Avatar
      Prue MacRae
      11/26/2019 - Facebook

      Bree has been amazing in both the process of listing then selling our home - in 2 weeks! Bree is easy to contact, talk to and reassuring and was able to secure our sale quickly and for a price we are very happy with. It has been a pleasure.

    • Ashley Williams Avatar
      Ashley Williams
      4/03/2014 - Facebook

      Great site xxxxx all the best for 2014

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