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Who pays for water in a rental property

Posted by Byron Miller on February 10, 2017
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The landlord is ultimately responsible to pay the water bill of the property . Under certain circumstances a portion of the water bill can be on charged to the tenant. To be able to on charge these water bill fees the investment property needs to be individually metered, the lease needs to state that the tenant agrees to pay for water, & the landlord needs to be able to prove the property is water efficient, which can usually be done by getting a report from a plumber.

So of the water bill, what can be on charged to the tenants ? State Bulk Water Charge &  Variable Usage Charge, can both be charged to the tenant.

Most of our landlords have their water bill addressed to our PO Box 24, Palmwoods QLD 4555. This allow us to pay the water bill for our landlords, then on charge what we can to the tenant. The tenant has 4 weeks to then pay.

What if I have a tenant in place already and I want to start charging  for water ? Firstly it needs to state on the lease that water is chargeable. If the current lease doesn’t, then you’ll need to wait for this lease to end and have it written into the new lease. In addition to this the property needs to be certified that its water efficient.

While there’s a small investment to get a property to be water efficient and certified by a plumber. Long term it’s the smart thing to do. We use Guy from Pickering Plumbing for all our water certification and he can be contacted on 0404 001 521

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