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Questions To Ask Your Agent

Posted by Byron Miller on February 6, 2017
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Looking for a real estate agent?  Questions you MUST ask them

If you’re serious about selling your house and making it an experience you’d rather not forget, it’s imperative you choose your agent well. Common sense, right? Then why do sellers still fall into the trap of spending their cash on agents who do not have their best interest at heart?

To help you avoid re-listing our team at Palmwoods Real Estate have compiled these simple rules and questions you must ask any prospective real estate agent.


Marketing budget

Run for the hills when the prospective agents suggest “minimal advertising”, “ads in the local rag”, or “for a small investment of …”. You want your agent to have a clear marketing strategy and dedicated advertising spend in trusted, quality print and online platforms. Question to ask them: Will the proposed marketing budget last the entire campaign? (It should).


 Styling advice

The agent has inspected your home and waxes lyrical about listing it as soon as possible but doesn’t suggest any styling advice. Red flag! Despite the fact you love your white-wash décor and shaggy rugs, experienced agents know buyers want to imagine your home as theirs and with proper styling they will add thousands to your end result. Question to ask: Have you sold properties similar to ours and what do you think are the points we should focus on or improve?


Expert or not?

What does your agent know about your suburb or region? What do they know about your particular type of property? No point investing time and money into someone who enjoys selling beachfront units instead of acreage. Question to ask: How long have you worked in this particular location and how many properties do you currently have listed?


Backburner syndrome

Using big agencies with popular agents is great but if they’re busy, you may be at the receiving end of their divided attention. Be upfront and ask your agent how you will fit into their schedule and what you can expect in terms of regular phone/email updates and/or personal contact.  Question to ask: What is your average list-to-sale time?

 Basics 101

You’ve ticked the boxes above, now what? Your agent has to provide the following:

  • Access to recent market sales and appraisal data in your area
  • Contact with a large number of buyers to identify qualified leads
  • Advice on the most appropriate method of sale (auction or private treaty)
  • Negotiation services between you and buyers
  • Effective administration of all legal and financial requirements

Last word

You want to work with an agent who doesn’t mince their words about your asking price, your situation and the current market. They’re not afraid to talk about their results. If you have the slightest inkling the agent doesn’t have your best interests at heart, they probably don’t. A professional, experienced agent will ask to meet you at your property at your earliest convenience. If they don’t, move on!

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