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Smoke Alarms

Posted by Byron Miller on February 2, 2017
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Its Qld law that smoke alarms in rented properties have routine maintenance. Smoke alarms must be tested and cleaned within 30 days of each tenancy change OR renewal. Plus every 12 months.  Batteries need to be replaced before its expiry and the alarm is to be replaced every 10 years. They need to be replaced if missing, damaged or faulty. Heavy fine apply if this isn’t done & your insurance can be effected.

Landlords are allowed to manage these themselves, but getting it wrong could have huge consequences.

We recommend Smoke Alarm Solutions who service most of Australia. At the time of writing, for a flat $99 per year Smoke Alarm Solutions will visit your investment property as often as required to keep the alarms maintained & compliance. Plus they will replace the alarms if required for no extra fee. For properties we manage Smoke Alarm Solution send the annual invoices to us and we pay these on our landlord’s behalf from the rental income,  so it’s something our landlords don’t ever need to worry about.  For more information you can visit the RTA qld web site OR call Smoke Alarm Solutions direct on 1300 852 301


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