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What do I do if my tenant is always behind in paying rent

Posted by Byron Miller on January 20, 2017
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Tenants that fall behind in rent

There’s a misconception that tenants need to pay 2 weeks rent in advance. They only need to have the rent “paid up to date”. While they are not suppose to fall behind in rent, tenants do.

So what can you do about this ? Between 1 to 7 days your property manager can phone, email and SMS your tenant to bring the arrears to their attention. If there are still in arrears after day 7, the property manager can issue the tenant with the Notice to Remedy breach. Which give them 7 days to get there rent paid up to date. If after 7 days they are still behind then they can be given a Notice To Leave form, allowing you to find a better tennant who’s able to pay the rent on time.

Tenants have a legally binding obligation to ensure there rent is always paid on time and is kept up to date. Constantly falling behind in rent can affect their chances of leasing a property in the future as it will be a mark again there name.
As property managers, it’s not practical for us to have tenants that constantly fall behind and we understand how this impacts the landlord’s cash flow and ability to service their loans.

Acting on a Notice To Leave & getting a tenant to move out  should always been seen as a last resort, because additional cost are incurred with let fees and possible lost rent with the property being vacant while a new tenant is found.

As property managers we run a rental arrears report daily  and chase any tenants who have fallen behind.

Landlords should keep an eye on this too. Our property management system allows our landlords to log in so they can see exactly where rent has been paid up to and any rent that’s overdue.

If you have a tenant that’s often behind. Long term you are better to have them vacate the property so you can find a tenant who’s more reliable.

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